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On-Demand Interpretation: How to Choose a Provider?

On-demand interpretation has been around for a while. And in today’s globalized world, easily accessible interpretation services are in demand in every industry. When you need an interpreter on the spot, Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) and Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) are the two types of interpretation solutions that connect you to an interpreter instantly, around the clock.

For on-demand interpretation to work smoothly and dependably, you want access to a robust, best-in-class interpretation management platform that is user-friendly, affordable, and scalable. And, of course, it’s critical for any business to receive consistent, high-quality interpretation regardless of the topic or time of day.


Five Must-Have Elements of an Interpretation Management Platform

In this article, we present the five key elements that an on-demand interpretation management platform must contain to ensure quality on-demand interpretation every time.


1. Must be easy-to-use and efficient

When shopping for an on-demand interpretation solution, make sure that the interpretation management platform can be installed on desktop, tablet or mobile. That way easy and versatile access to an on-demand interpreter is available no matter where a person is, as long as there is reliable WiFi.

On-demand should mean on-demand: Being connected in seconds with a qualified interpreter for your subject area and the language you need is the standard we hold ourselves to at Interprenet. With our interpretation management platform, clients have access to more than 13,000 interpreters covering over 300 languages, including rare languages. We also provide access to professional ASL interpreters, who are often requested on video calls.


2. Must be robust and cost-effective

A cost-effective interpretation management platform allows you to pay only for the minutes you need the interpreter. Instead of a mandatory minimum of two hours, you should only pay for the minutes your team uses for interpreting.

A platform with a robust scheduling system allows for both instant access to an interpreter as well as a simple scheduling function for OPI or VRI in cases where you need to schedule a meeting for a specific date. Our clients make use of the scheduling functionality when they know the date for a medical appointment in advance, for example. Virtual court interpretation also often gets pre-scheduled.




3. Must provide quality interpretation, every time

In business communication, expert knowledge and terminology is critical to convey information accurately. That’s why a powerful on-demand interpretation management platform should provide users with qualified consecutive interpreters covering various specializations.

With the Interprenet on-demand interpretation platform, our clients can choose the specialty they need when requesting an interpreter, like legal or medical interpreting. Then they choose their language to get routed to the first available interpreter matching their criteria.  

Our quality assurance methodology is one of the most rigorous in the industry. Our team makes random calls daily and doing quarterly audits on resumes and call logs for every provider.


4. Must be secure and ensure compliance

Security and confidentiality are a necessity for any interpretation management platform, especially for sensitive and confidential conversations such as telemedicine or healthcare. Our platform is HIPAA-certified, so clients can trust us to understand.


5. Must come with excellent customer support

Regardless of how user-friendly a platform may be, it should provide users with responsive and knowledgeable support staff who can answer any questions about how to best use the on-demand interpreting platform.

At Interprenet, we pride ourselves on being your trusted language solutions partner when it comes to on-demand interpreting and all other language needs. Our on-demand interpretation management platform meets all the elements detailed in this article. In addition, the clients we work with benefit from our consultative and personalized approach.


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