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Three Ways To Use Interprenet’s On-Demand Interpretation Solution

At Interprenet, we offer an advanced on-demand interpretation solution for easier, high-quality virtual interpretation. With Interprenet On-Demand, you get connected to a professional interpreter in seconds via any mobile device or the Internet. We have elevated phone and video interpretation to a user-friendly experience in a secure and scalable cloud-based application that allows clients to manage all their urgent interpretation requests.

In this article, we explain how you can connect to an interpreter in three ways using Interprenet On-Demand.

Connect through the mobile app, web portal, or dial-in access:

  1. Using the mobile app

To use the mobile app, users need to select OPI or VRI, language, and service type. OPI is audio-only, while VRI enables audio and video communication with the interpreter. There are over 300 languages available to choose from, and users can use the search bar or scroll down to find the language they need.

In a next step, there are over 20 service types to select from, ensuring the interpreter has the specialized skills to match the user's needs. To start the session, users need to click on the call button.

  1. Using the web portal

To use the web portal, users need to select OPI or VRI, language, and service type, as they did with the mobile app. Users can start the session by clicking on the call button.

  1. Using dial-in access

Dial-in access involves dialing a dedicated number on your phone and entering a PIN. Users are then prompted to select their language and confirm their choice to start the interpretation session.

Watch this short video demo to learn more:

Access 13,000 professional interpreters 24/7 covering 300+ languages

Regardless of the way to connect, users can access 13,000 professional interpreters 24/7 covering 300+ languages, including American Sign Language (ASL). Along with three years of experience, interpreters must hold national and internationally recognized accreditations.

With our smart pricing you only pay for the minutes your team really needs. Our per-minute rates start as low as $0.85 USD (subject to volume).  

Interprenet On-Demand ensures maximum security, privacy, and confidence in complying with all current and future regulatory requirements. It is HIPAA compliant, supports data sovereignty, and is ready for GDPR.

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