Since 2004, we have built an extensive global network of qualified interpreters and translators. Our thorough qualification and selection process ensures that we can maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.

Bringing You Only The Best Linguists

Thanks to our global network of professional linguists we can match you with the best interpreters and translators for your project.


  • Recruitment – Our recruitment team takes each applicant through a rigorous 5-stage recruitment process that includes interviews, skills testing and compliance.
  • Qualifications – Approved interpreters must hold national and internationally recognized accreditations in their interpretation mode and level of industry specialization.
  • Quality Control – In-person and remote interpreters are subject to ongoing monitoring of their services, quarterly and annual evaluations and continuous improvement.
  • Specialization – From legal to healthcare interpreting, and from high-level pharma to science-related interpretation, we classify our interpreters by levels of expertise.

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"I was really impressed by how smoothly everything worked with the remote simultaneous interpreters. I listened at various times to the interpretation in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and I was impressed by the speed and accuracy of the interpretation.

Many thanks to you and the interpreters! Our event was difficult in terms of the content that was presented, and I am grateful to have been working with seasoned pros."

– University of Chicago

Linguists Qualifications And Experience

Accreditation requirements vary depending on the type of interpretation being provided.

Court & Legal Interpreters

  • Legal Certification
  • State Court Certification
  • Federal Court Certification
  • ATA certification
  • Degree in translation or interpretation studies
  • Trained to interpret during depositions, trials, hearings and medical evaluations
  • 3 years of experience

Medical, School & Corporate Interpreters

  • 40-hour healthcare interpreting course
  • CCHI and CMI national certifications
  • 40-hour community interpreting course
  • 40-hour business interpreting course
  • 3-years’ experience
  • Trained to interpret during medical appointments, parent-teacher and business meetings

Remote & Onsite Simultaneous Interpreters

  • Formal simultaneous interpretation training
  • Conference interpretation degree from an established university or institute
  • Average of 5 years of experience in simultaneous interpretation
  • Additional memberships/certifications include AIIC, United Nations, TAALS, US Department of State Conference and Federal or State Court
  • Competent with technical terminology across several industries

"As a qualified French/English interpreter and translator based in the UK, [...] I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Interprenet for the last 18 months and we have covered many international conferences and business events together.

With hard-working in-house staff and technicians, I strongly believe that Interprenet offers an unbeatable combination of professionalism, reliability, technical excellence and first-class service.

I very much look forward to continuing being part of this success story for many years to come."

– Alain Balanche-Jacquet

Recruitment & Quality Control

Our interpreters undergo a through recruitment process and are continuously audited and reviewed


  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Interpretation skills test
  • NDA and confidentiality agreements 

The following steps are critical for all remote simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

  • Platform and interpreter interface training 
  • Equipment infrastructure compliance
  • Proof of superior computer/IT skills

Quality Control

  • Ongoing monitoring of interpretation services by support staff
  • Quarterly and annual audits of interpretations provided
  • Independent auditors are leading interpreters in their field
  • Rating system which continuously ranks interpreters based on performance criteria such as accuracy, fluency and enunciation
  • Client surveys and feedback are factored into interpreter rating for continuous improvement


  • Interpreters who are handpicked for highly technical conferences require specialized knowledge in that specific field.
  • In addition to regular interpretation credentials, specialized interpreters usually possess a second degree in the unique field they specialize in.
  • Specialized interpreters are commonly requested for pharma, oil and gas, mining, medical and legal fields.
  • Average of 10 years experience interpreting in hundreds of conferences related to their field of expertise.