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Communicate seamlessly in everyday multilingual scenarios.

Making Everyone Feel Understood in Important Conversations

What are the benefits of consecutive interpretation?

We use consecutive interpretation to simplify conversations between two people or groups that don‘t speak the same language. In this style of interpretation, the interpreter takes what was said in the source language and converts it to a second, target language. The interpretation takes place during pauses in the conversation.

At Interprenet, we have provided qualified consecutive interpreters to facilitate conversations in scenarios such as legal, medical, educational, HR, court, and insurance for 20 years.

Consecutive Interpretation Gives You Options

The Interprenet Difference

Interprenet is a global language service provider headquartered in the United States. We started 20 years ago in Chicago, Illinois, and today, we work with organizations nationwide and around the world, covering over 300 languages. From language to language and dialect to dialect, you can rest assured our interpreters have the skills and training necessary to deliver consecutive interpretation in any setting.

We use a proven 5-step process for recruiting consecutive interpreters, ensuring they have country-specific expertise with specialized training to retain and then interpret sentences after they’ve been spoken. Whether it’s an hourly, daily, or weekly assignment, we can provide you with what you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreters differ in their approach and technique. While a consecutive interpreter waits for the speaker to finish speaking or pause before interpreting, a simultaneous interpreter provides interpretation in real time without interrupting the speaker's flow.

We use a distinct blend of human and tech-forward solutions powered by client-centric consultation to connect the world. Guided by our values — Accuracy, Creativity and Trust (A.C.T.) — we pride ourselves on being a highly responsive, collaborative partner at your side, focused on timeliness and urgency. We are able to consult with each client, understand their challenges and implement simple and effective solutions. The backbone of our business is the largest global network of qualified interpreters and translators, which we have built with the utmost care to deliver outstanding language services.

Approved interpreters must hold national and internationally recognized accreditations in their interpretation mode and level of industry specialization. Accreditation requirements vary depending on the type of interpretation provided. Our recruitment team takes each applicant through a rigorous 5-stage recruitment process that includes interviews, skills testing, and compliance. Interpreters are subject to ongoing monitoring of their services, quarterly and annual evaluations and continuous improvement.

Interprenet has a global network of interpreters and translators, who when combined, speak more than 300 languages.

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