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Translated captions for all your important live events

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Multilingual captions in over 100 language combinations

Adding live captions in your audiences' languages to your events and meetings will help make them more inclusive and productive. We offer multilingual captioning services that may be powered by AI or generated by human linguists to enhance your live event for both in-person and online audiences. Whatever the topic, you can rely on accurately translated captions on your preferred meeting platform, smartphone, or via a live feed URL.

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We provide a wide range of language services, including live captions, to organizations and event planners around the world in over 300 languages. For 20 years, our focus has been on delivering excellence along with outstanding customer service.

Designed with agility and precision in mind, we have a track record of delivering highly accurate English and multilingual captions, even on specialized topics. With professional technical support available before and during your event, rest assured that your participants will enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted live captioning experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide automatic live captioning for live meetings and events in over 70 languages. This includes all official UN languages, almost all official EU languages and the most spoken Asian languages. And the list keeps growing.

Automatic captions are those AI-powered captions that transcribe the speech into text in real-time. Translated captions display in real-time and in a different language what the speaker is saying.

Under ideal conditions, automatic captions in spoken languages can achieve up to 98% accuracy as assessed by Word Error Rate (WER). Automatic captions convert speech into text that shows on screen in real-time in the same language as the speech. ASR - Automated Speech Recognition - is a sort of artificial intelligence used to produce these transcripts of spoken sentences.

Live Captions can be enabled in two different modes. By default, the text will appear within 4 seconds of the speaker having completed a sentence. If 'instant mode' is activated, text will appear in real-time with instant auto-correction.

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