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What's New at Interprenet?

Read all the latest from Interprenet, the global language service provider connecting the world with a distinct blend of human and tech-forward solutions.

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A human interpreter next to a laptop displaying the words AI Speech Translation

July 17 2024

3 min read Solutions , AI Speech Translation
The Difference Between Professional Interpretation and AI Speech Translation

AI technology has made its way into language solutions. Organizations can now choose between professional...

June 18 2024

7 min read Event Planning

5 Tips for Hosting a Flawless Multilingual Event and Key Language Terminology

Hosting a multilingual live event can be a daunting task for professional conference planners. With participants and...

May 22 2024

2 min read News

Interprenet: Pioneering Language Solutions for 20 Years and Counting!

This year, in 2024, we are celebrating a fantastic milestone at Interprenet: our 20th anniversary! For two decades now,...

December 19 2023

2 min read Solutions

2023 Wrap-Up: Our Top Language Solutions Blog Posts of the Year

As we wrap up a productive year, we're thrilled to bring you our most popular blog posts of 2023. We've broken them...

November 15 2023

4 min read Solutions

Automated Speech Translation: How It Works And When To Use It

Over the years, we have seen paradigm shifts transforming the way interpreting services are delivered to end users. In...

October 25 2023

3 min read Solutions

Court Interpretation Services in U.S. Courts: Challenges and Solutions

Interprenet has been providing court interpreting services to U.S. courts since its founding 20 years ago. Over the...

September 20 2023

2 min read Solutions

The Case for On-Demand Interpretation in Schools

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), there were nearly 5 million English...