Medical appointments, doctor's consultations, surgeries, independent medical evaluations, psychiatric examinations, therapy sessions, medical tourism - there are many reasons why you may need an expert healthcare interpreter. 

We are an established provider of certified medical interpreters in the Chicago area and other large metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Our clients are hospitals, clinics, case management companies, law firms, and insurance carriers.

Four Reasons To Choose Interprenet 

  •  Excellence. Our professionally trained interpreters have excellent interpersonal skills and can not only interpret accurately, but also facilitate effective communication between the patient and medical staff.
  •  Scalability. With a team of experienced schedulers and our proprietary scheduling system, we can support healthcare interpretation services for networks of any size throughout the United States.
  •  Flexibility. We can support short-notice and on-demand interpretation requests through our extensive network of onsite and remote interpreters
  •  Cost-Effectiveness. We offer highly competitive rates with 2-hour and even 1-hour minimums.


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