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AI Speech

Natural-sounding AI voices in over 80 languages

Versatile and Scalable
AI Speech Translation

Connect with your global audience like never before.

Our AI Speech Translation solution is a game-changer for live meetings and events that require cost-effective simultaneous interpretation that's still highly accurate. Using the most advanced technology, we deliver live speech translation with AI-generated voices that sound completely natural. We can currently translate from and into 80 languages to enhance the scope of your live event, and the list keeps growing.

A Tailored Solution to
Meet Your Needs

The Interprenet Difference

We serve organizations and event planners with high-quality language services around the world in over 300 languages. Our focus is on delivering excellence along with outstanding customer service - from identifying the right interpretation setup for your needs to facilitating an optimal multilingual experience for your live event.

Together with our strategic technology partner, we benchmark the best AI engines for each language combination to ensure optimal performance, so you don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter solution. AI Speech Translation is useful when human interpreters are not readily available or when maximum accuracy is less of a priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our AI Speech Translation technology currently supports the translation of speech from and into speech and captions in 80 languages. This includes all official UN languages, almost all official EU languages, and the most spoken Asian languages. And the list keeps growing.

We offer AI Speech Translation the RSI platform we use as well as in over 70 other meeting platforms including Zoom, MS Teams, ON24, and Webex.

Yes, we are happy to show you a demo of our AI Speech Translation solution. Fill out the corresponding form on our website, and we'll arrange a time that's convenient for you. Our sales consultants will answer any questions you may have during that demo presentation.

To be successful, AI Speech Translation is best suited for presentation-style events, where one speaker at a time addresses the audience at a good pace with no strong regional accent. These scenarios can include training sessions, conferences, webinars, or product presentations, all without verbal interaction from the audience. If presentations include a lot of technical terms, we recommend a glossary creation ahead of time or opting for a human interpreter to ensure the highest linguistic accuracy.

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