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Legal Interpreting Services

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Legal Interpreting and Translation Services

Legal interpreting and translation for law firms, law enforcement, and government across the U.S. are among our core language services. Our professional interpreters are available to provide legal interpreting services for depositions, mediations, and arbitration proceedings in over 300 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL).

Our interpreters and document translators are carefully assigned for their extensive legal experience, language skills, and subject matter expertise. Clients choose whether they need an interpreter onsite, anywhere in the U.S., or remotely. No matter where our linguists work from, they abide by a strict confidentiality standard and code of ethics.

Legal Interpreting Services for
Specific Scenarios

At Interprenet, we provide legal interpreting for a range of different scenarios.

Accuracy is crucial in the insurance industry. We provide you with professional interpreters who have specialist knowledge of insurance procedures and industry-specific terminology.

Injured workers with language barriers are entitled to an interpreter in many U.S. States. We provide interpretation in workers' compensation cases and the related independent medical evaluations.

Around 20,000 medical malpractice suits are filed in the U.S. each year. Our interpreters can interpret the medico-legal terminology involved in these complex cases. This includes medical records and statements by medical experts.

Depositions, court hearings, arbitrations - our legal interpreters have the relevant subject matter expertise to provide accurate interpretation throughout proceedings. They also maintain the confidentiality and impartiality of the information conveyed.

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Our commitment to excellence is built on long-standing ties with the best legal interpreters and translators reputed for their accuracy and professionalism.

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Besides onsite interpreters, we also offer remote interpreting, both scheduled and on-demand, using the latest and safest interpreting technology.

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Our professional legal interpreters can deliver simultaneous and consecutive interpretation as well as sight translation, often used for deposition transcripts and other legal documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interprenet has a global network of interpreters and translators, who when combined, speak more than 300 languages. Some of the most requested languages for legal interpreting are Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, Farsi, and Creole. We can provide an accurate interpretation with knowledge of terminology, slang, and even regional dialects and rare languages.

Along with a degree in interpretation studies and three years of experience in legal interpreting, interpreters must hold nationally recognized accreditations, such as state and federal court certifications or a NAJIT certification. In addition, legal and courtroom interpreters must be familiar with and adhere to the appropriate code of ethics and standards of practice for the geographic region where the interpreting session takes place. They must demonstrate high professional standards for courtroom demeanor and professional conduct.

The platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers, which are highly scalable, secure, and reliable. AWS complies with leading security policies and frameworks, including SSAE 16, SOC framework, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS. The platform is EU GDPR and HIPAA compliant. The platform employs TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 to encrypt network traffic between the customer application and our systems.

This depends on the language and the subject. The longer in advance you can book, the better, especially for rare languages and complex subject areas. For events and conferences where interpreters need to be on-site, we recommend a lead time of 6 weeks. We have different solutions for different needs, so it's best to contact our sales consultants who will be happy to advise you.

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