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Production Services

High-quality language services after your event

Post-Event Multilingual
Content Production

Multilingual transcripts, subtitles, voiceovers, and more

Our language services extend beyond live events. We also take care of multilingual content production when your conference or meeting has finished. Our post-event language services include translated transcripts, subtitles, recorded interpretation overlay, and voiceovers.

Sharing content in different languages with your event attendees after an event helps to ensure that the information is accessible to everyone, and for the long term.

Multilingual Content Production for a Range of Events

The Interprenet Difference

Interprenet is a global language service provider headquartered in the United States. We started 20 years ago in Chicago, Illinois, and today, we work with organizations nationwide and around the world, covering over 300 languages.

With our global network of 15,000+ qualified, native-speaking linguists, we can maintain the highest quality standards in the industry. We advise clients on the best options to meet their specific needs, including whether using machine translation in combination with our human linguists makes sense for their project.

Thanks to our streamlined process and customized approach, we optimize costs for clients. We also adhere to the highest security and confidentiality standards to protect your documents and content while being translated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recorded interpretation overlay means a pre-recorded interpretation is added over the original audio track to provide additional information in another language to viewers without replacing the original audio. On the other hand, a voiceover requires a more complex production and a professionally trained voiceover talent. In voiceover, the original audio track may be lowered or even removed completely, while in recorded interpretation overlay, the original audio track is still present and audible.

Yes, we provide high-quality, multilingual transcripts of your event or conference recordings. Our professional linguists check and edit the transcripts for linguistic and grammatical accuracy. Transcripts can be produced in over 300 languages

Yes, we provide high-quality, multilingual multilingual subtitles for your video recordings. Our professional translators, translate, review, and edit the subtitles so that they are not only linguistically correct, including colloquialisms, but also match the flow and pace of the original speaker.  Subtitles can be created in over 300 languages.

We translate all kinds of documents, web content, and e-learning content for our clients in a wide variety of industries. We also offer intelligent translation for multimedia purposes, such as video subtitles, meeting transcripts, or recorded interpretation overlay and voiceovers.

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