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School Interpreter Services

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Interpretation Solutions to Support Quality Education

At Interprenet, we offer professional interpretation services and other language solutions for educational institutions in the United States and internationally. Our accredited interpreters help build communication bridges in schools and other educational settings, promoting quality education for all.

Our reliable language services enable students and parents with limited English proficiency to access and understand much-needed resources and information when it matters most. Our school interpreters are trained to interpret for teachers, students and their families in any language, onsite or remote, and in any type of educational setting.

Benefit From Our Language Expertise
in the Educational Sector

We offer tailored language solutions in the educational sector. Interpreting plays a crucial role in fostering connections with parents or students who have limited proficiency in English.

We provide professional simultaneous interpretation in over 300 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL). Choose from an onsite or a remote interpreter.

Consecutive interpretation is ideal for conversations in one-on-one settings or small groups. Our trained consecutive interpreters can be onsite or interpret remotely.

If time is of the essence and you need a school interpreter right away, our OPI service will connect you with an interpreter over the phone. We have over 13,000 linguists in our network ready to serve you.

Connect to an accredited school interpreter over video within seconds. With our convenient VRI solution, you only pay for the minutes used. Connect easily via your desktop computer or mobile device.

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Total Commitment

From the initial conversation to your live event or meeting, we support you every step of the way to ensure you experience the best possible interpretation.

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Client-centric Approach

Genuine client care sets us apart. We cultivate lasting, value-oriented relationships built on trust and surpassing expectations.

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Solution-oriented Thinking

Others may see problems, but we only look for solutions so that you can experience accurate interpretation every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interprenet has a global network of interpreters and translators, who when combined, speak more than 300 languages. Some of the most requested languages for interpreting are Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Korean, Arabic, Russian, and Italian. We can provide an accurate interpretation with knowledge of terminology, slang, and even regional dialects and rare languages.

Approved interpreters must hold national and internationally recognized accreditations in their interpretation mode and level of industry specialization. Accreditation requirements vary depending on the type of interpretation provided. Our recruitment team takes each applicant through a rigorous 5-stage recruitment process that includes interviews, skills testing, and compliance. Interpreters are subject to ongoing monitoring of their services, quarterly and annual evaluations and continuous improvement.

In the simultaneous mode of interpretation, the interpreter interprets what is said WHILE it is being said. Special equipment is required, including headphones and microphones for the interpreters, while audiences listen on their smartphone app or a radio headset, to name two examples. Soundproof booths or sound isolation may also be required, particularly if the interpreters work onsite at an in-person event. The interpreting takes place almost simultaneously with the speaker's speech, with a slight delay of just a few seconds.

In the consecutive mode of interpretation, the interpreter interprets what is said AFTER it is said. With consecutive interpreting, the interpreter interprets what is said in short sentences. A person speaks in their language and then stops after a few phrases in order to allow the interpreter to interpret. The interpreter then interprets what was said into another language. Consecutive interpretation is ideal for back-and-forth meetings and dialogue settings.

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