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Discover the Power of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation on Zoom

You may be familiar with the many benefits of Zoom for your daily team meetings. But did you know that Zoom offers advantages for multilingual meetings? When properly configured, Zoom can help you facilitate meetings with participants speaking different languages – through interpretation.

The benefits of holding multilingual meetings with real-time interpretation are many: better comprehension of shared information in real time among participants. Increased efficiency. The opportunity to expand your business internationally by removing language barriers.

Zoom reports that in 2022 half a million companies used Zoom for their critical communications. And the number of annual meeting minutes on Zoom now exceeds 3.3 trillion!


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation on Zoom

How it started

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, or RSI, first became a real thing in 2017. That year, Interprenet introduced RSI via the Interprefy platform, a cloud-based interpreting technology designed to enable seamless interpretation on any platform. The interpreters work remotely, taking advantage of the built-in soft console that’s tailored to their specific needs.

When it was introduced in 2017, the platform was still in its early days. But technology evolves at lightning speed, and so did RSI on the Interprefy platform. In 2019, Zoom released a new feature that enables language interpretation during meetings. While effective for end users, this native feature does not provide an adequate interface for professional interpreters, among other things.

Here's a quick 30-second demo of RSI on Zoom from English to Spanish:



How it progressed

That’s when we started integrating the Interprefy interface into Zoom on the backend. The result: we were able to embed interpretation into Zoom’s language channels during a meeting. As the global pandemic unfolded, we were prepared to quickly transition from providing interpretation at in-person events with onsite interpreters to providing RSI in virtual events and meetings.

Many of our clients use Zoom, and we delivered RSI for many complex events with thousands of attendees worldwide via Zoom during the pandemic alone. Event attendees could hear simultaneous interpretation in up to ten languages. By effectively integrating Zoom with a technology platform like Interprefy, we now could enable collaboration and relay functionality so that interpreters could work in pairs and reroute their audio to other language teams as needed.

How it’s used today

Today, we work with clients around the world who want to enhance their multilingual meetings on Zoom. A successful multilingual meeting requires several things: qualified conference interpreters who are professionally trained and often specialize on specific topics. Leading-edge technology, such as Interprefy, that is tailored to the needs of interpreters and enables them to deliver quality interpretation. Dedicated technical support that ensures a positive user experience regardless of the complexity of your Zoom meeting.

Another benefit of professionally integrating a platform like Interprefy into Zoom is that users can have access to highly accurate multilingual captions and transcripts based on reliable speech recognition of both speakers and interpreters.


The Benefits of Professional RSI on Zoom

Multinational companies, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes can benefit from RSI on Zoom, delivered by a trusted language service provider. We know that accurate communication with internal and external stakeholders increases efficiency, reduces costs, and promotes growth. By leveraging both accredited human interpreters and cutting-edge technology, teams can communicate with their multilingual audiences on Zoom without the friction of language barriers.


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