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What's New at Interprenet?

Read all the latest from Interprenet, the global language service provider connecting the world with a distinct blend of human and tech-forward solutions.

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Automated Speech Translation

November 15 2023

4 min read Solutions
Automated Speech Translation: How It Works And When To Use It

Over the years, we have seen paradigm shifts transforming the way interpreting services are delivered to end users. In...

May 10 2023

2 min read Solutions

Multilingual Conference Planning: 5 Pro Tips When Exploring Simultaneous Interpretation

Conference planners and event organizers often need to plan multilingual events and are faced with the question of...

April 19 2023

2 min read Solutions

2023 Event Industry Trends and What It Means for Language Services

Since pandemic restrictions have been lifted pretty much around the world, in-person events are back again. At...

February 22 2023

2 min read Solutions

Discover the Power of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation on Zoom

You may be familiar with the many benefits of Zoom for your daily team meetings. But did you know that Zoom offers...

December 05 2022

2 min read News

Presenting the Interprenet Language Solutions

Language solutions are interconnected as part of a whole system of communication between individuals and organizations...

October 21 2022

2 min read Solutions

Discover Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for Microsoft Teams

At Interprenet our mission is to connect the world with a distinct blend of human and tech-forward language solutions,...

October 21 2022

2 min read Solutions

The Rapid Rise of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Imagine entering the conference room in the Hilton Tokyo. You sit down and put your headset on. The keynote speaker...