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5 Reasons To Use Captions To Benefit Your Business

How Do Captions Bring Value To Your Business?

Adding live captions or multilingual closed captions to your events, presentations, and video content enhance experience and boost offerings for your business by improving accessibility. Live captions help everyone to understand the message.

For D/deaf or Hard of hearing audience members, live closed captions are a necessity. According to the World Health Organization, about 5% of the population has hearing loss . With that, video content is becoming more popular and live captions provide everyone with the equal opportunity to access, absorb and understand your content.


Captions in videos can boost SEO and brand recognition as Google and other search engines get information via the included text within closed captions. Videos typically rank higher than text alone, so closed captioning in a video file versus a text file makes it easier for Google to index your content.

Virtual Conference with Captions


The use of videos is booming on website and social media platforms. Closed and Open captions help viewers get the most out of your content by making everything easier to comprehend. According to Forbes, 80% of viewers are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available as opposed to a portion of it when captions are not available . Closed captions allow viewers to consume content in environments that may not be conducive for video consumption (think public places like libraries or airplanes) as 69% of viewers watch video with sound off in public places.

With multilingual captions, you can reach a larger global audience and take your message to viewers across countries, opening your business up to new markets and new cultures. Remember, companies who are more diverse also have a 36% higher financial performance rate than their counterparts who do not.

Interprenet is helping clients to capitalize on the benefits of inclusion and communication access.


Interprenet has gained the experience and skill to integrate into and with different platforms . We can directly integrate captions on Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect and On24. For others, we have found solutions by embedding captions onto other platforms or proprietary sites. Additionally, we have the ability to support broadcasting. Our captioners work directly via a hosting platform with the support of Interprenet’s technical team and can integrate caption feeds (English and/or multilingual captions) to the desired meeting, event or stream.


The most common use of captions is English to English (English Speech to English Text), we can support a mix of languages such as English Speech to text in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese and many more. Prior to the 2020 Pandemic, we supported companies whose main focus is inclusion-including television networks in which captions are broadcast to vast audiences. We use multilingual human captions to ensure accuracy and proper conveyance of message to bridge understanding and participation.


Interprenet supports the planning, project management and execution of any live event, meeting or media content development. Interprenet is a group of consultants within the language space providing interpretation , captions and post-production videos with subtitles . Our values are Accuracy, Creativity and Trust. We look to enhance our client experience by building value-driven relationships and supporting our clients to meet their end goals. Captions are an excellent tool that can be used to promote inclusion, expand your reach and boost your business.

At Interprenet, we provide complimentary consultations and are happy to discuss your needs and available options to support language access and inclusion. Reach out to us via email at sales@interprenet.net. Alternatively, Contact one of our team members today or call us directly at 1-877-928-1188.


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