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How Captions Benefit Businesses: Inclusion, Communication, Growth

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging or DEIB is becoming more prevalent in corporate culture. Whole departments are dedicated to DEIB to ensure inclusion and diversity in places of business, across all markets. But what does DEIB really mean? Who does it aim to support? What does this have to do with captions?

Each concept of DEIB, while connected, is distinct. The first, Diversity refers to fair representation across social identities. Equity includes processes to eliminate barriers. Inclusion promotes understanding amongst employees and creates opportunities for success. Belonging happens when diversity and inclusion are well established. Research points to the benefits of creating a diverse and inclusive workspace. According to McKinsey research, diverse companies have a 36% higher financial outperformance than their counterparts .

So how do we become inclusive and promote belonging?

One way is by ensuring communication across platforms. Most businesses have embraced the virtual landscape and enabled tools and resources for their employees and customers to engage and participate.

By combining technology and captions , this "Communication Innovator", Interprenet has collaborated with companies to find new ways to break barriers of communication and enhance participation.

With hundreds of virtual platforms on which our clients host events, we have been able to flexibly integrate communication solutions into every platform with which we’ve worked.

Captions for the D/deaf, Hard of hearing, Limited English Proficient, as well as those without a disability or barrier are a wonderful tool to benefit your business.

Learn more in detail 5 Reasons To Use Captions To Benefit Your Business.

How Captions Can Benefit Your Business

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