Meet Marco Polo Pina

Joey Cochran|March 22, 2021
Meet Marco Polo Pina Marco is a Project Manager for Global Services at Interprenet. He has a degree in Modern Languages from Universidad de la Salle Bajio. He also has a Diploma in Market Research from ITESM. Marco worked as a Project Manager, Investigator, and Translator in a Law Firm for six years. It was an Intellectual Property firm so he had to chase down counterfeiters. Other than the usual office tasks, his responsibilities included creating fake profiles on social media to gather information, visiting street markets, and teaching IP essentials to customs officials. After that he worked for a PR agency, where he managed the Spanish version of an official Xbox blog for the LATAM region. He was a translation, acquisition editor, and content editor for the site. Most immediately before joining Interprenet, he toured the world with Cirque du Soleil for eighteen months, working as an acrobat for a show inspired by James Cameron's Avatar called TORUK—The first Flight. When he learned about Interprenet and the services it provides, he thought, "Wow, now that is a good business idea. I wish I had come up with that." It feels good to be a part of Interprenet. He also enjoys working from home. He still trains gymnastics every now and then. Whenever he's not working or training, he likes to keep the languages he has learned fresh, so he listens to a lot of podcasts in French and Italian and reads quite a lot. He also enjoys being with his dog.

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