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What's New at Interprenet?

Read all the latest from Interprenet, the global language service provider connecting the world with a distinct blend of human and tech-forward solutions.

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October 22 2021

2 min read Solutions
Language Service Industry: Trends and Projections

September 17 2021

2 min read Solutions

What is Computer Assisted Interpretation (CAI)?

For over 60 years, there have been efforts to automate the translation and interpretation process. With the development...

July 12 2021

1 min read News

Interprenet CEO, Guest Panelist for a Zoom Government Webinar

Interprenet’s CEO, David Medrano, recently participated in a Zoom Government Webinar on the topic of " Future Proofing...

June 30 2021

1 min read News

Tupperware and Interprenet: A Preferred, Proven, Partnership

Prior to COVID-19, Interprenet provided onsite or in-person remote simultaneous interpretation for Tupperware's...

June 14 2021

1 min read News

Timely, Precise Multilingual Translation Services for Meetings and Events

Pre-event translation services often require a fast turnaround while demanding accuracy and precision. Recently, a...

June 09 2021

1 min read News

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for Your School or After-School Program

Last year the Illinois Resource Center had to cancel their annual bilingual parent summit, an onsite event held with ...

June 04 2021

1 min read News

Business Executives Save Time and Money with Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Interprenet provided remote simultaneous interpretation for a world leading financial institution that has a large...