Meet Juliana Passos

Raul Sabag|July 26, 2023

Here we introduce you to one of our fantastic Senior Recruitment Managers, Juliana Passos, who is based in the beautiful city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Juliana tells us a little about what she likes to do in her spare time, who inspires her in her work and life, and what excites her most about her job.

Tell us more about your role at Interprenet? What do you do?  Juliana Passos

I am a Senior Recruiting Manager responsible for leading our Americas team. Together, we are responsible for onboarding professional interpreters and translators based in the U.S. into our global linguist network. I am responsible for supporting the sales team and project managers in covering our assignments.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Interacting with different cultures around the world is the most enjoyable part of working in a company with an international environment.

Who inspires you in your work?

I am very happy that we have two fantastic managers leading our team: Carolina Herrera, our Director of Global Services, and our Vendor Manager, Ziren Zhou. I learn a lot from them on a weekly basis. And my father, who passed away 14 years ago, will always be my inspiration.

What’s something you’re proud of in your life?

In my free time, I coordinate a group of people and we prepare and deliver food to the homeless. I also organize campaigns for local NGOs, depending on their needs.

What’s the most used app on your phone?

Instagram and WhatsApp.

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

Walking on the beach is always my favorite hobby.

Which language(s) do you speak?

Portuguese, English and Spanish (advanced)

Share any degrees, diplomas, or other accolades you have earned.      

I have a Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting - English and Portuguese. I also completed a course in Marketing English in Toronto, Canada.


If you want to connect with Juliana on LinkedIn, you can do so here.


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