Meet Constanza Martinez

Raul Sabag|May 24, 2023

Meet Constanza Martinez, Senior Project Manager at Interprenet, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this Q&A, Constanza gives us a glimpse into her life inside and outside of Interprenet where we can learn more about her hobbies, who inspires her and more.

Constanza Martinez Headshot

Tell us more about your role at Interprenet? What do you do?

I manage complex projects, supervise all project managers and train new project managers at Interprenet.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

I love the creative process of coming up with efficient and organized methodologies to make complex projects be a success.

Who inspires you in your work?

Carolina Herrera, Interprenet’s Director of Global Services, for sure. She always asks suitable questions and comes up with solutions to the most challenging situations.

What’s something you’re proud of in your life?

Being a working mom. It's not only the "juggling" part of working full-time while raising a 2-year-old boy and being pregnant that makes me feel proud. I also enjoy what I do at work and that I'm good at it.

What’s the most used app on your phone?

Instagram. 😁

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

I love reading, and I'm a good cook.

Which language(s) do you speak?

Spanish, English.

Constanza’s Professional Background

She is a Spanish certified translator (UBA) and has a Master’s in Project Management from Escuela de Negocios Europea de Barcelona. Constanza is a savvy translator, editor, proofreader, and subtitling professional. She worked as a global recruiter, project coordinator before taking up project management. She also worked as an English teacher at a primary school and an Associate Professor in the Law School at the University of Buenos Aires.

We are proud to have Constanza on our team and appreciate her hard work and dedication to our clients. If you would like to connect with Constanza, you can find her on LinkedIn.


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