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Discover Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for Microsoft Teams

At Interprenet our mission is to connect the world with a distinct blend of human and tech-forward language solutions, powered by client-centric consultation.

Since launching Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) solutions in 2016, we have been a leader in integrating live interpreting solutions into virtual conferencing platforms. Our goal is to give clients user-friendly solutions that work with their existing communication infrastructure. If, for example, an organization relies on Zoom for video conferencing, then our interpretation solution is designed with the Zoom user experience in mind.

Our consultative approach is what sets us apart. By understanding our customer’s virtual or in-person meeting process, we can evaluate everything from their platform’s cloud environment to the user app. We then present optimal solutions for simultaneous interpretation and even multilingual captions.


Unique RSI integration for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the video conferencing tool preferred by most companies worldwide who already use Windows, Office, and Azure products. The way to integrate multilingual solutions like RSI into Microsoft Teams is quite different from other communication platforms. In fact, there's a level of complexity involved upfront if you want to do it well.

At Interprenet, we can effectively and reliably deliver RSI and captioning within a Microsoft Teams meeting because we have extensive experience in RSI, including ongoing testing and development of integrations powered by our strategic technology partners.


How we make RSI work in Microsoft Teams

  • Book your language services with a member of our team to define the scope of your event and follow first-time setup instructions.
  • Schedule your meeting on Microsoft Teams with our add-on app.
  • If you are a Microsoft Teams tenant, enable admin permissions for eligible users of the interpretation app.
  • External meeting attendees without a Microsoft Teams account can join the meeting and benefit from simultaneous interpretation through the link provided, on any device including their smartphone.
  • Speaker and interpreted multilingual captions can be enabled within the Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • During the meeting multiple languages can be offered at the same time by professional teams of simultaneous interpreters working in virtual booths with advanced collaboration, relay, and handover tools.
  • Board rooms and conference rooms fitted with Microsoft Teams audiovisual systems make it extremely simple for in-person and virtual attendees to experience the same quality of simultaneous interpretation.

The key to successful RSI still lies with the interpreters

With superior customer service built on operational excellence and a total commitment to our clients, we know how to manage Microsoft Teams meetings with interpretation.

We give you the right tools to create the best multilingual experience for your delegates. However, remember that regardless of your communication platform and our seamless integration, you still need a human linguist who can expertly interpret the content of your meeting flawlessly from one language into another. Once you have the ideal Microsoft Teams integration in place, our top interpreters and technical support experts will ensure smooth and accurate simultaneous interpretation for all your meetings.

Do you have hundreds of meetings every year that would benefit from simultaneous interpretation, multilingual captions, and transcripts? Contact us today to inquire about our bundled rates for long-term partnerships for unbeatable value.