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2023 Event Industry Trends and What It Means for Language Services

Since pandemic restrictions have been lifted pretty much around the world, in-person events are back again. At Interprenet, we’re seeing a surge in demand for simultaneous interpretation and translation at in-person events, as well as hybrid conferences that combine both virtual and in-person components. 

And industry analysts confirm this trend: according to Exploding Topics, there is a growing trend towards hybrid events. Searches for "hybrid event" have increased 190% in the last five years. New event formats are emerging, such as IACC’s MultiPOD Meeting format, which combines in-person groupings in different locations with virtual components. Event Tech Live is another event that has recalibrated its format to virtual access but is reintroducing a live element with two live stages, one in Las Vegas and one in London.

Another exciting new trend appears to be a greater focus on creating a personalized experience for event attendees, which could involve more interactive and engaging activities. That’s according to a report from Events.com

The Transformation of Simultaneous Interpretation for Live In-Person Events

All these trends offer event organizers more opportunities to include language services into their in-person events to create a more engaging, inclusive, and personalized experience at in-person (and hybrid) events. 

Let’s look at in-person events in particular: Simultaneous interpretation solutions have become more sophisticated over the past three years. Before the pandemic, simultaneous interpretation meant event planners had to fly in interpreters who sat in soundproof booths while the audience listened to headset receivers. 

With the pandemic, everything moved online, including interpretation. Onsite simultaneous interpreting evolved into cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation thanks to technological innovations. Today, we can integrate our interpreting services into any web conferencing interface. 

We find that event organizers now have more and better choices to provide cost-effective simultaneous interpreting services for their live events.

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Learn how event planners can benefit from simultaneous interpretation at their in-person events:

  Simultaneous interpretation services are more flexible and scalable than ever before. At Interprenet, for example, we once successfully provided simultaneous interpretation in 20 languages in concurrent live sessions at a large live event. It is now possible without a drastic increase in traditional hardware costs. 

  Attendees can access the interpretation via headset receivers or their smartphone app, reducing labor and equipment management costs for event organizers.

  Accessing interpretation at an in-person event is simple: attendees scan a QR code, download our interpretation app, and select their preferred language. Or they can simply dial a number to hear interpretation in their language instantly.

 For in-person events, interpreters can work onsite or remotely. With the remote option, clients save up to 50% on travel expenses, hotel costs, booths and floorspace.

  Even when interpreters are needed onsite, they don’t always require sound isolation booths. They can also work in a separate meeting room or hotel room. This can free up valuable space for the event.

  Meeting coordinators can schedule a hybrid event with interpretation services just as easily as an in-person event. Today’s interpretation technology allows all attendees and speakers, whether they participate in person or virtually, to hear live interpretation in any of the languages offered.

  Streaming in-person events in multiple languages to large audiences joining virtually from around the world can now be done at a fraction of the cost it was before the pandemic.

If you are an event organizer or meeting planner who would like to explore the new possibilities of simultaneous interpretation at your next live event, contact us for a personalized consultation on your project. 

Our team has successfully delivered simultaneous interpretation services to large in-person and hybrid events around the world, often involving many languages and multiple, concurrent breakout sessions. We look forward to helping you with your next multilingual in-person event in 2023 and beyond!