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Remote Certified Court Interpretation for Every Person, Language and Hearing

People deserve their day in court. In legal proceedings, allowing people to have their moment to be heard and understood is crucial. People have a right to a fair hearing and language barriers should not be a threat to equity in our judicial system.

Remote Certified Court Interpretation Eliminates Language Barriers

At Interprenet, we want to help reduce language barriers by leveraging the power of technology and certified interpreters. Our interpreters have provided in-person court and legal interpretation for 20 years. Likewise, Interprenet has been on the cutting edge of technological innovation for the last half decade. When court jurisdictions across the country started leveraging technology to create new ways to remove language barriers for citizens, we knew we were positioned to help. Helping people to understand one another is what we do. It made sense to apply that skill to ensure people have equitable justice under law. Interprenet developed Remote Certified Court Interpretation (CCI) to help county court systems save money and time, while supporting the protection of people’s health, safety, and justice. Certified Court Interpretation (CCI) is ideal for remote, in-person, or hybrid hearings, including: arraignments, bond hearings, jury trials, conferences, out-of-court, and law-enforcement settings. With Remote Certified Court Interpretation, an interpreter can service any county court in the nation from the comfort of their home. Distance is no longer a barrier.

Remote Certified Court Interpretation for Every Person, Language and Hearing

The Value of Remote Court Certified Interpretation

Court Interpreting certification is the highest level of state accreditation for judiciary interpreters. Sworn to adhere to stringent ethical and professional standards, our certified interpreters are uniquely qualified to interpret accurately during criminal and civil legal proceedings. With a limited number of certified court interpreters nationwide, our network of remote interpreters optimizes the use and availability of expert interpreters when you need them most, even on short-notice and for less common languages. Our interpreters have been trained to provide interpretation from remote locations. This drives the cost of interpretation down by not having to provide transportation and accommodations for interpreters. In addition, our interpreters have undergone rigorous interpretation platform training and are fully compliant with our quality audio and internet connectivity standards. These additional countermeasures reduce technological mishaps and ensure everyone involved in your legal proceeding can be heard and understood.

The Advantage of Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a key advantage of court certified interpretation. Remote simultaneous interpreters translate in real time, which greatly reduces the duration of a hearing. Interprenet integrates Certified Court Interpretation (CCI) into any meeting platform, including Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Teams, and many more. Our team can custom-build or adapt your courtroom AV system to integrate remote simultaneous interpretation for in-person hearings too. We can also provide technical support during proceedings, along with helpful training videos and customized workshops—led by experienced court interpreters—for judges, attorneys and legal professionals who want to learn and benefit from remote Certified Court Interpretation (CCI).

If you would like to learn more about how to introduce Certified Court Interpretation (CCI) into your courts, request a quote from our Certified Court Interpretation (CCI) web-page.

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