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Interprenet: Pioneering Language Solutions for 20 Years and Counting!

This year, in 2024, we are celebrating a fantastic milestone at Interprenet: our 20th anniversary! For two decades now, we have been proudly shaking up the industry from our Chicago headquarters by blending human and tech-forward language solutions.

The Journey So Far

Back in 2004, two visionary professional interpreters, David Medrano and Carlos Cantu-Lee, stepped into the linguistic spotlight and founded Interprenet. Their goal? To redefine the way we provide language services, starting with interpretation solutions for local courts and law firms in the Windy City.

Fast forward to 2024, and Interprenet has evolved into a major player on the global stage, offering an extensive range of language solutions tailored to empower conferences, meetings, and events with seamless multilingual communication.

Quality Interpreters and Client Satisfaction

One of the key secrets to our success? A fierce commitment to accuracy and first-class service. Recalling the early days, our CFO Carlos Cantu-Lee highlights the team's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction as the cornerstones of Interprenet's evolution.

"We stood firm on the belief that interpreting services should blend top-notch quality interpreters with exceptional customer care," he shares.

A Peek into the Future

Looking ahead, Interprenet is ready to take the world of language solutions to the next level. As technology continues to drive innovation, our CEO David Medrano is excited about the prospect of bringing cutting-edge human-to-human and tech-driven interpreting solutions to a wider audience.

"Our vision is clear: we want to help organizations weave multilingual communication seamlessly into their operations by leveraging the best of both worlds," he affirms.

Innovative Language Service Offerings

“We are proud to provide interpretation, live translation, and live captioning services for the most demanding yet fulfilling conferences and events,” says Cantu-Lee. From technical patent law cases to UN conferences, from manufacturing tours to global political summits, and from heads of state to renowned CEOs – Interprenet has become synonymous with superior quality and reliability in real-time interpretation and technology support.

Since 2004, our team has put the focus on raising the quality standards for language services by applying our core values of accuracy, creativity, and trust to all our business processes, from operations and language technology to recruiting top interpreters and customer service.

Indeed, Interprenet was one of the first providers to offer remote simultaneous interpreting in 2016, a breakthrough cloud-based technology for remote real-time interpreting at the time. "We are grateful to our technology partner Interprefy, with whom we work closely and who provides us with the latest language technology for our cutting-edge solutions such as Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) and AI Speech Translation," shares Medrano.

Most recently, we have introduced two new additions to our suite of language solutions: AI Speech Translation and Multilingual Streaming.

Tailored, Consultative Leadership

As the world hurtles towards an ever more connected future, the landscape for language solutions is bound to shift. While some sectors remain steadfast in their preference for human interpreters, others are eager to embrace the fusion of human expertise and AI-powered technologies.

With our finger on the pulse of this evolving industry, Interprenet stands ready to guide clients through this complex ecosystem, providing tailored consultative leadership that places efficiency, compliance, and user experience at the heart of everything we do.


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