Subtitles in video is quickly becoming the norm. Recent research has shown that 50% of Americans watch content with subtitles most of the time (survey by Preply).  Several research studies find that younger generations overwhelmingly prefer to watch content with subtitles on

Multilingual subtitling is the most accurate translation solution for all your recorded audio-visual content - whether it's marketing videos, e-learning courses, explainer videos, or recorded business presentations, announcements or meetings. 

Benefits of Multilingual Subtitles

  • Offers greater accessibility and inclusion to the hard-of-hearing and to foreign language speakers so they can enjoy the same user experience.
  • Ideal for marketing materials, HR policy manuals, recorded webinars, and training videos 
  • For high-end media productions, multilingual subtitling provides the necessary level of rigorous localization to guarantee success
  • Non-native language viewers can pause the subtitled video in a particular segment for better understanding of the content in their native tongue.
  • Shown to increase overall views and user engagement as the message delivered is easily understood by all viewers and overcomes language barriers.
  • Subtitles complement interpretation overlay allowing participants to both hear and read the content in their preferred language at the same time.

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Turning Live Captions Into Edited Subtitles

When clients request Live Captioning for an event, in any language, the transcripts can be edited and turned into flawless subtitles afterwards.

The subtitles will be dropped into the video recording and shared for on-demand viewing.

When clients request Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for a live event, the interpretation recording can then be overlaid or embedded into the video recording for on-demand viewing.

Together, subtitles and recorded interpretation overlay will make your recorded media a multilingual success!

The Interprenet Advantage for Multilingual Subtitles


What sets us apart is that we are language experts with the linguistic and technical capabilities to deliver pertinent solutions for your non-live and live projects.


As forward-thinking innovators, we integrate a variety of live and non-live language solutions including subtitles, interpretation overlay and captions, to create one amazing user experience for all your viewers.


With a global network of thousands of qualified translators, support specialists and cloud-based platform resources, there is no limit to the size of your project, the number of languages or even tight delivery timeframes.

24/7 Global Support

Tailored technical support during subtitling projects with superior production, certified translation, and technical project management services.

Stellar Customer Service

Our team of Sales, Scheduling and Service Managers has unparalleled experience in the language services industry. They promptly review and diagnose your request to come up with the right solution for your meeting and oversee your project successfully until the end.