Need interpreter services in New York City?

Whatever the event, we have the right language interpreter for you.

  • With our global network of qualified linguists, we deliver accurate interpretation services to you and your audience for any kind of meeting or event.
  • Simultaneous interpretation can be streamed straight to your audience on our smartphone app.
  • Onsite interpreters can accompany your delegation during their meetings.
  • Simultaneous or consecutive translation interpretation services can be fully integrated into your online event.

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New York City Interpreting Service Solutions

Conferences, Meetings, and Events

Increase attendee registration for your global audience through a seamless user experience. Featuring innovative solutions like remote simultaneous interpretation on our company smartphone app, at a fraction of the cost of traditional services.

Court Interpreters and Translators

Focus on your case with confidence, knowing that we can handle the interpreting expertly. In-person NYC and remote interpreters certified for legal settings who perform well under pressure, interpreting accurately and impartially for all parties.

Web Conferencing and Webinars

Maximize your productivity with real time interpretation that is fully integrated into your preferred web conferencing platform, whether it’s Zoom, Teams, Webex or any other. Plug and play multilingual communication solutions with convenient hourly rates.

Medical and Healthcare Appointments

Correctly diagnose your Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients with face-to-face interpreters who facilitate intercultural communication reliably across multiethnic barriers. Integrate remote interpreting securely into your telehealth platform.

Multimedia Translation and Transcription

Reach your listeners worldwide in record speed and in any language across multiple time zones. Interpretation overlay embedded into your corporate video presentation can be published on your site for one-time or recurring views. 24-hour turnaround!

School Districts and Education

Set up your greatest allies for success! Your students’ LEP parents can readily support teachers when they are able to understand your education goals through interpreting solutions designed for them in IEPs and parent-teacher conferences.

Hi-end, great customer service, quality interpretation. Helpful in making suggestions for our program…

They have a thorough end to end approach. They have great customer service, attention to detail, and excellent management of their interpretation team. USE them! They go above and beyond!

– Carol
HC2 Productions Inc (formerly Harris Creative LLC)

Does planning for interpreting services overwhelm you?

We offer Simplicity Without Compromise


Meeting planners and conference organizers. As one of the top interpreting agencies serving New York City, you can can breathe easily while we take care of the interpreting, every bit of it.


Events requiring language interpretation can be quite different one from another with varying levels of complexity.


We diagnose your event and quickly identify the perfect language interpreter service needed to overcome existing barriers


It may be an in-person NYC interpreter specialized in legal terminology to remote simultaneous interpreters for a pharmaceutical conference


Or you may require simultaneous interpretation equipment for a study tour or a video remote interpreter for a healthcare appointment. Either way, when it comes to language interpretation, we have you covered.